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Eminem real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III. But he very well known by his stage names Eminem and SLIM SHADY. Eminem quickly gained the popularity among the underground hip hop audiences. Eminem is a great rapper as well as awesome music producer too. Eminem began to performing rap at an early age of thirteen. He was talented from childhood. Eminem is the third highest grammy winner. He has got total 13 grammy awards. Eminem has seen many hard times in his life. But he was bold to tackle the situations and he has been successful in tackling the problems. Eminem is great rapper as well as great human being and he deserves to be number one.

Eminem Latest Album Recovery

Eminem latest album Recovery is a huge hit all over the world. Recovery is the seventh studio album by the great rapper Eminem. His album recovery debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 chart, selling 741,000 copies in its first week in the United States. His Recovery is on number one on various charts of the world. Really Eminem is a great rapper and he shows that he is the true rapper.

Two songs are being released from Recovery album, Not Afraid and Love The way You Lie. Not Afraid is the first single from american rapper Eminem's latest album Recovery. Love the way you lie is the second single by great rapper Eminem from his album recovery.

The song Not Afraid sold 380,000 digital downloads in its first week and its really amazing. The music video of Not Afraid is awesome. It is being on number 1 on various charts of different countries. Day by day it is going to dominate more and more to various charts of the world. Eminem Rocks and he is the great rapper of all time.

Eminem's second song Love The way You Lie has currently been number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 for five consecutive weeks and its the great achievement. In this video Eminem and Rihanna has performed awesomely. This video is awesome and it is dominating on various music charts all over the world.

Eminem At The 2000 MTV Music Video Awards

EMINEM is the third highest Grammy winner. He has got total 13 Grammy awards. This shows that he deserves to be number one rap artist. His popularity is all over the world and day by day his popularity is increasing. Eminem has seen hard times in his childhood. His lyrics are the backbone of his rap songs and I personally believe that his lyrics are awesome.

Eminem is the best rapper of all time and he is the awesome rapper. He is the talented singer as well as good music producer too. His childhood days were spent in extreme poverty. Eminem began to perform early at the age of thirteen. He was talented from childhood and because of this talent he is the number one and Eminem rocks. Eminem is one of the best HIP HOP artists of all time. He is the greatest rapper of all time. 

Eminem is very well known for his honest and bold lyrics. He has expressed his life by his lyrics in various songs. As we all know that he has seen many hard times in his life, so Eminem expressing all these through his rap songs. In his latest album Recovery one song is there you’re Never Over, Eminem has dedicated this song to his close friend Proof who is no more in this world. R.I.P Proof. Eminem and proof were friends from childhood. This song is very touching and his lyrics are awesome. The official video has not come. I am eagerly waiting for video to be come out.